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lightness in the dark
We will make it through this. Believe that.

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I was on the extreme end of pondering, I was into myself and I couldn't really see anything else. The world was begging me to see it all, to experience things that were more than just me. There was an inherit beauty in everything and I wasnt on the inheritance list. I never put myself on the list. 

It would have been easy enough to do it, I just had to see the God in people and recognize his power. I made it hard to recognize and it was all around me, that was the irony of it all.  I made myself bigger than I was and the world smaller than it could be. I dismissed the Universe and I was wrong for that. 

I could have seen so much more, my feelings were blunted. The world beat it out of me through my mother. I was forced to conform and lived longer for it. I had a few scrapes and I barely survived but God was trying to tell me something. 

I think I heard him. 

Im still listening....

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mlowe5 says:

Keep on listening; He has so much more to give you to share. ONE, love_supreme. Peace and Love.

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