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Black n white


just different

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Over an over

 I re-wrote each line

From Dear you ,


Hello, can you hear me,

I bèen stained by ya pain

And painted red from the Blood they shed,

And still it wasnt enough,

I cant bring back the old "us"

I just wish that the "ME" was enough

Contemplating on the intention,

You Were the one

that opened My vision ,

You Captured the gray area ,

The cold hearted

Imprints of my own pain

And designed a frame

You set me apart from the Rest

We shared intimacy intellectually

You Even shown me ,

A side of me i couldnt see,


Still loved me ,

Like a favorite I felt like the best,


HURRICANE YOU swept thru

" Whose right or Wrong"  Came to town

Loud talking,


Rearrangement of words Cutting deep

It felt like you didnt know me,

Choosing peace became

The enemy,

U chose Space

 Like blind eyes trying to make it make sense

Like looking thru a peep hole being unable to reach.

What we wanted had no place 

Two people with no face

If my lips spoke care

You didnt wanna hear

If i repeat the word love

I would b in fear, 


I chose to take my time

Then Time

Passed Me By

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Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

"Black n White", Deep! Great share. The allegorical message coming through. Thanks for the share, Throu815. ONE. Peace and Love.

Thorough29 says:

Love ????

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