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I wanted poetry vibes so here I am and this is where you should be. The world is yours and you can do anything you want to do. All you have to do is ask for it and then wait. The wait can come in many forms and the Universe is constantly hearing it and pushing back to offer you just what you wanted. 

But you have make sure that you pour every ounce of feeling into it. This is not an asking where the words roll off your lips and dont meet an emotion on exit. These are the types of words where the words you speak are emotion. They are powerful and pulsating and you can feel the world bending to your will. 

Will you bend to your feelings? Will you put every ounce of everything you ever wanted into those words and thoughts that will completely change you. You are no longer a spectator, you are a gladiator and the only dying that will happen is when you submit to your own will and emotionalize your destiny. 

I can see it in your eyes, heart, and soul and it is a bold request which requires a bold response. 

Im waiting to hear it from you because you are trying to keep those words to yourself but the world is always waiting to hear what you have to offer. And the response from the world:

"Offer accepted."

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mlowe5 says:

WOW! Thanks for the inspiration, love_supreme. Continue to fuel us with your supreme vibes. ONE. PEACE AND LOVE.

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