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urban black love poems for her



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Isnt it still about her, did I step in the wrong category of urban black love poems for her. I stand ten toes deep on this subject because I love it just like I love here even when it pains me to do so. I have always been the one to run head first, I save the body for momentum and I keep pushing forward always going hard and doing damage to my senses. 

Im relentless, one feet in and then another foot in. I am not looking for any kind of retreat. If Im defeated, im fine with that, if Im not dead Im going back in. I recognize the weakness of the world. It is looking for the weak and my love is not weak. It is measured in the acts I do for others. 

My only hope is that I left you off better than when I met you. What a crime to come into someones life and then leave them worse off then when they met you. That is criminal. But im lover, not a lifer. And I truly loved a life worth living because I loved deep and I am better for it.

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mlowe5 says:

Hey, you are who you are; you, love_supreme, are/is/be, love_supreme! ONE. PEACE AND LOVE.

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