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It’s not goodbye



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Late nights sitting back with memories

Reminiscing on our past life

Pin the wings on me

I see with my third eye

We weren't blind to the chaos we drew

A portrait of originality

Only we knew

Conversation heavy

Topics many

Never perfect on the fold

Music was our religion

We were afraid of growing old

Look at you now, Michael Soaring high in the sky With your heart made of gold You were the best friend I ever had I just wanted you to know The opportunity never arose Too many bars between us

To reconnect

I can still hear your voice in my head

Questioning my motives

Making it your mission to object

The weak pitch as a threat

You set me straight

Out to the edge

You always outshined the rest of the set A diamond in the rough With a beautiful pledge

"Carpe Diem"

My dearest friend

Ilove you till the end

Written By: Dez Sevena 


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love_supreme says:

Very nice!

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Newpanther says:

poetic silk
Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

Keloid memories of a keloid love that will always be. A well-canvased flow, Imagination_733. One. Peace and Love.

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