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Funny how loss can leave you speechless

You still pick up a pen to deal with the grievance 

Even when nothing makes sense 

You’re determined to re-live what was lost 

A heavy cycle of perpetual thoughts 

Pulling off of the road just to jot 

Somehow I’m inspired

It was you who sparked the fire 

Inside me

That I once forgot 

I let life come with a cost 

Focused on prosperity 

In a way that left me empty 

I know you rather not hear it

The subjects too heavy 

Now the visions obvious  

It took the spiral effect 

To get me ready 

I’m filled with spiritual energy 

Jumping dimensions


Ignoring the recipe 

While the pot stirs

Cooking up what eventually

Would lead to poetic devotion

Art mimicking life

What a perfect potion 

Give me everything 

To feed my emotion

Using the rain

To wipe out erosion

From this perspective

It would appear the coast is


No life line for dry eyes

There’s a change in the atmosphere 


Written By:


Dez Sevena 

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Excellent write.

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