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Maybe ~

my voice has been
                  or is just

a never-ending echo
of poetry once recited
in a moment of clarity

    in which . .
    no one else could see
    or has been clear about
      f e a r s   n o t   h e a r d


            nor recognised

            denied                                                       mocked                                                    doubted                                                    ridiculed

    how do I . .

    defend against
    that which can’t be seen

    when I’ve imagined it all . ?

h e a r . .

my silence scream . !

        wrest from my chest

       camouflaged frailties

                  my dark horse
              has always been

                 a  u n i c o r n


 I long ago ~

once believed                                         that all there was, was me
and nothing else mattered

            but for the belief . .

       and come now to realise
       that belief is not truth

b e l i e f . .

is but perceptions
of our own making

        truth is . .

        well it's truth . !

            a b s e n t  .  .


                n o   d e p t h   .   .

                no light
                no darkness

                    no good
                      no evil
                no religion
                no god

                i t    j u s t    i s  .  !

                   and so it seems  

                                    No matter
                  how loud we scream


            I n v i s i b l e    V i s i b i l i t y


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