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"Word Slaughter"

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I drown my sorrow in words

Drowned in nothing but adjectives, metaphors, and verbs

Gotta be crooked to understand me 

'Cause my thoughts slant and curve

Trying to infect my new host with wisdom, the new cancer

And if you didn't know by now hope is not the answer

But reaction time is

This is for me and my generation's kids

'Cause we barely have someone to learn off of anymore

Tried to tell me riding people over is how you score

What, speak louder because I seem to be deaf to bull

Noble and honest ways are how I'm going to get all of the cheese and ritz

Certain individuals make me sick sometimes

Judging people no matter what the race is if they are trying to pass them in line

Something that should of been checked before it reached its' prime

This is my Word Slaughter

Fighting for beliefs stronger and harder

The new smart World order

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