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"Word Slaughter Jr."

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I just want to be successful

That's right fellow poets, don't stop until you're higher then high

'Cause that's what I'm going to do until I'm full like the alpha male of a pride

Yea who would of thought a female of my age would have this mind

Well, surprise!!!!

Smart as a Gandhi and I won't stop

I change my mind 

I'll stop when my grandkids' kids, God forbiding, bodies drop

I mean why knock me?

'Cause I'm supposedly too young to know what's going on, or because I'm a she?

Wish Martin Luther King Jr.or Tupac were alive so someone else could hear me

But Professor Michael Eric Dyson is still here so maybe we could have an intelligent connection

Molding cerebral webs to reach time in the opposite thought-out positive direction 

This is my Word Slaughter Jr.

Gotta open your ears and close your eyes to feel me later but sooner then soon

Mind wider and longer than a black hole swallowing all of Jupiter's moons


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Wize Dom says:

Fierce Intellect!

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