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"At my hearts expense"

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I have the type of love that the window shoppers admire

they may peep it out, play with it, but at the end of the day they only leave with a desire. y?

To the average mans touch, it bursts out flames of fire, leaving their fingertips charred, raising the price up even higher.

At my hearts expense, no man would dare scrape his wallet,

Because at the same price of mine , they could afford ten others that other men already dun bought...sh*t

Cheap is what u call it, my loves the best on the market

In fact I dont even have a "for sale sign" so consider me a sample,

Cuz im not just something that any man could reach his filthy hands to, Im not just a plain song to dance to....Im different

They can kiss it, hold it, and then miss it....

but my contents isis none of their business

Unless they listen, and treat me like a gift as opposed to "NOT Sh*t".

At my hearts expense I will sit, sit, and sit on this shelf for as long as my time permits,

until one approaches me, emotionally rich, and ready to spend....

Then surely I will be his, but until then admire me....because at my expense...this heart u will never get

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