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What does loyalty mean to a woman like me?

It means ill stand by your side as long as you dont creep

Never lie to me, and ill ride for you, if you ride for me ill gladly die for you...loyalty...

If u ever *** up ill be there with your bond

Because we have a bond thats so solid and strong

Ill tell you bout your actions, and show you where you went wrong

And let you slide a few times, but when im tired, ill be gone...loyalty

My role is to keep yourout these streets

Cause right here by my sides' the only place you should be

Not in prison,not in jail, and not 6 foot deep

But in the arms of the one who shares the rhythm of your heartbeat.....loyalty...

Most men like to mess around on they chick..now thats somethin that i NEVER will accept

I may forgive you once,or even twice at the most,but to keep me you must show me some respect

This goodwoman needs a goodman..who can treat me like the queen that i am

So if you think youre deserving of a crown on your head...know your role! You must serve and protect....loyalty

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2b2b2 says:

Awesome Write....and respect commanding sentiment!!! Namaste Queen

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