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The moment he parted his lips to speak, thunder sounded shaking the entire room in one big boom

Couldnt see no lightning, just spotlight striking his beautiful body...suddenly all i could see was him

I blinked my eyes to make sure i haven't turned half blind and that this image wasnt too good to be true

My eyes werent mistaken, but in fact quite naked ..and all i could see was him

As the first word rolled off his tongue, i braced myself as clouds gathered over my head

So low that if i even attempted to stand i would most certainly knock myself out cold

By the end of the first sentence the clouds burst open and straight through the center of my legs

I had no umbrella to protect me from the the storm, nothing to prevent me from getting soaked

In a blur, i quietly watched his lips in motion, imagining those lips on my frame

He spoke emotions over me i never knew i had a very scary feeling indeed

Word after word..thunder shook my body

Nothing could stop the rain

He couldve been talking to every girl in that room but i felt like he was talking to me

Killing me softly with his words..i wonder if he even knows that hes a killer

He probably killed millions if not trillions of women, i never knew death could be so sweet

He resurrected my soul , brought me to life again...just by me being a good listener

I feel him whisper soft magic nothings in my ear...an a illusion that only i can see

His voice pierced Deep into my puddle

Hard,erect and throbbing to the beat in my chest

Eyes massaging my breasts, and stroking my neck...without even using his hands

Who knew words could have a touch so soft..i swear i never wouldve guessed

From the stage to the sky he predicted the forecast, predicted my storm like a weatherman

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Wize Dom says:

Damn! this is hot

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conjones says:

That's raw

underhiswings7 says:

Very vivid!

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