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A Fish Without Water

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This house doesn't need ghosts to scare anyone
The walls take sanity for fun
They'll hex you with whispers in tongue
Arrive with confidence, you'll leave with none
The longer you stay, the further undone
The air stifles, it thickens and numbs
It weighs down on you like tons
Constricting every cell, it stuns
Skeletons in these closets tote guns
Heat comes at you like fire from dragons
I mean heat like the fury of a billion suns
Your mind weakens and maddens
This house kills souls like it's a soul assassin
A suffering only the wicked can fathom

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tretre says:

Love this poem..Makes me think and that's just the type of poetry i like. Keep that pen movin.

odonko-ba says:

Pretty good imagery going on here. From start to finish with a killer ending. Well done.

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