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"Shackles" (contest)

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Sometimes i feel like a prisoner locked inside a cell with bars made out of what ifs and coulda shoulda wouldas

I shouldve did this, and i couldve said that, but my mama always told me taking risks was hoodlums

"mama thats a good one!" I shouldve said long ago

Instead i took her words to the head like strong patron

Loads of opportunities falling back to back like dominos,

And if it wasnt for these obstacles...i wouldve had accomplished goals

I got so far to go..to get to my destination

I refuse to be a failure so ive got to make some changes

This time i will not rush it, my new strategy is patience

You cant expect your dreams to budge if youre to afraid to chase them!!

So tell me how can i run with these shackles on my feet?

Could i scoot, should i roll, could i hop, could i leap?

Or simply search my heart inside and out to find a key?

Unlock the door to my future and get these shackles off of me?

Shackles of fear....i will fear no more

Shackles of lies....i wont hear no more

Shackles of doubt..i wont feel no more

Key of faith..take this shackles off my heels O Lord!!

I wish to run faster than ive ever ran before, i just got to make my way to the finish line!

Theres no1 in this race but my body, mind and soul...&we we must all work together to win this time

I may have a couple shackles thats still attatched, but i will hop just to keep from running backwards

As long as i know they will break in the end..i will gladly cross that line in these shackles....shackles

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odonko-ba says:

I like the flow and the intelligence that emanates throughout this piece. The imagery puts the reader right alongside for the ride. With plenty of metaphors that keeps the fire burning. Good luck in the contest. And may your ink well never runs dry.

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