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"Dream Catcher"

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As my thoughts are projected into the atmosphere i wonder...is that twinkle in the sky really a star?

I have dreams so vivid, that when im sleeping i can feel it as i tap dance over mercury and mars

I can feel its foundation throbbing underneath my feet, and i can sing without a single bit of oxygen

Because only in my dreams am i able to achieve anything, thats why im always getting lost in them

Dont wake me from the dead, for my souls not alive! Though im breathing, half of me is in the heavens

Drifting in the cosmos right upon my raft of thought, smoothly sailing my way through these different planets

Im catching....goals as i go, ambitions every minute, progressing every second with my bait on the hook..

Im fishing for recognition, reeling for a winning, and i wont stop until i get it..or even just a second look

Deep sea diving,striving and trying,to find where my mind went, cant find it..im lost

All i see is a journey and my path to my dreams, saw a ladder so i climbed it to the top

My futures like a lion, quite wild in a sense, but with the right tricks its possible to tame it

I saw it running in the wild, been trying to catch it ever since...and once i catch it.......i am going to name it

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