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"Queens like Nefertiti"

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Once upon a time in my African days

I proudly represented beauty through my natural traits

Big child bearing hips where my children rested comfortably

Big nipples on my tits in which my kids developed from suckling

Deep...sunskissed...flesh, Oh how mother nature loved us!

The only race to recieve her kiss through the essence of the suns touch

Passed down through generations slowly fading in our loved ones

But even more beautiful than ever..by the many shades among us!

So why we hiding behind a lie of self rejection?

Through these brazillian extensions,plastic surgeries and injections

Trying to look like the next , ashamed of the bodies we were blessed with

Unaware that we are putting ourselves in comparison with the fair skinned

When there's no other race that got hair like ours

So many different styles and colors , that you're afraid to show off

Instead you'd rather sew in something silky & long

Because society has got you thinking that being natural is wrong

Your tits is too big or your tits is not big enough

Hips too big or your hips is not big enough

Hair wont grow, eyelashes not long enough

Flaws we CAN except, yet we fail to be strong enough!!

We must not be a afraid of the queen beneath the makeup

For she is beautiful and highly favored by the creator

A beauty so rare that the devil tried to change her

And tell her that she's a bad , when in reality shes an angel

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Wize Dom says:

Awesomely beautiful words and notable powerful message.

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latin_lover says:

Much respect! I loved it.

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underhiswings7 says:

Loving this!

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