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(Two) my sisters

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 All I want is you. individually, you (two) . I just wanna be there, you are what iv never had, so I want to do this right, even if my dad was outa bounds during his first glacĂ©, I believe things would be different if he was given that chance but until he can I will be your brother/protecter/ ya right hand man, you can look me in my face in tell I won't harm a hair on your head, I just wanna be older brother who was never given that chance, I'm still looking for you, till this day every bone in my body aches for that day, I herd you (two) are twins the first on my side, I'll love you (two) for as long as I am alive, everyday I try to keep it together knowing the search is alive frustrating tears I cry tho everything's against me, I just wanna look in y'all eyes, tide by love separated by birth tho you two went together my heart left first, one day you will find all that I have for u, I'll alway keep looking till I find you (two)

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skyyberry1987 says:


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Wize Dom says:

very warm and touching piece

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Charles2 says:

Good poem

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hippielikevibes says:


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