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20 Maple Court

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Tucked away in the missed toward the end so no one will know until it's time
Illuminated hues of KRYST particum fill the air inside
Inviting and ever so comforting

Each shape holding a different SEAL and outwardly loves soft colors of 
Blues that sing songs of peace and instruction
Smells of old and new confirm there were lifetimes here
Nails in walls that seem to hold my logos speak of praises of balance
You can teach, be taught and learn here
Messages in Magic disappearing ink on walls clue the souls eye to know 
What glass knob to turn. The sands of time are in the water and scream of alarm

You can heal and be healed here

Listen closely through the yelling. There are explicit directions. 
Harsh words connected with molecules made of crystals lovingly hold you
Listen it's true !!!!! 
There are sweet kisses weighted in the silent good byes

Don't be afraid of what you can't see. It is here for your access

I got it!!!! The translation is in the brain. Tune in there's a new frequency
Yes,use your listening ear

Sometimes you can hear better in the bathroom.
Yes, there is comfort in the bathroom
And when you raise your head up you can smell the earth come in the window on 
GODS loving arms filled with dew drops and lilacs
Laced with little tears of sweet nectar that fall gently on your lips to taste
This makes the pain all better and then we lay and rest to prepare for another eternity

These walls are filled with souls that know pain but can still sing songs of hope and love
There are two sets of twin souls here
Of one set she sings loud and rejoices in love and anger at will
The other sings only when no one listens but one
She loves in disbelief and reflects a hologram of the real who she really is
The other set there is one that sings a song of compassion even 
Through the pain and disappointments of another lifetime begotten
The other buried in with worms and maggots crawling all over sing 
songs of instruction chorused with explicit directions
When he sings you have to be available to hear Quietly you hear a really sweet song 
Quietly you hear a really sweet song of love that is rooted firmly with 2 strands of diamonds. 

Home sweet home...........

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