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12 Years a Slave Forever Bound

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Solomon Northrup was 12 years a slave

Yet he knew the freedom of his soul to save

He could not fall into deep despair

He must stay alive his family is still there.

No matter his freedom money

No matter his fiddle play

His black hide captured

Brought more profit any day.

He was reduced to his core made to beg and plea

He had to keep his mind high to set himself free

First white man he trusted had him lying whole cloth

He didn’t label so second white man got him north.

Eliza and Patsey knew a much different fate

Like sisters today they had much on their plate

Eliza wailed loss of child like we defer dreams

Patsey fainted, false hope of a friend it seems.

No matter her picking cotton

No matter her raped loins

By those men forgotten

Her worth a few mere coins.

Solomon still loved his family in a far distant place

Had to leave again on tour to help save his race

He tried best he could to rise above his past fate

Yet in the quiet of the night saw only Patsey’s face.

His old haunts of freedom

Often called out to him

But now all was different

Fiddling another hymn.

His soul longed for Patsey for another 12 years

He fought for justice but mostly against fear

The day came for freedom it was now 1865

He had to return south in hope Patsey was alive.

The freemen saw Solomon they rejoiced and sang

There was so much to share and so glad he came

Epps died from Patsey obsession, wife by his side

She died of shock when the slaves would not hide.

They took him to Patsey

Down by the creek

She was buried there

Under the old oak tree

The original queen

Reduced to pick cotton

Her indomitable spirit

Never forgotten.

As much as he wanted the worst to escape

Solomon found greatness in the ugliest place

He had continued his life course fulfilled all his plans

And now can lie down by the creek Man & WOEman.







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2b2b2 says:


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tali_sosweet says:


tretre says:

I loved this poem! Very poetic and deep. It was like reading a story, which I like poems that can give off the feeling of you actually being there. Keep that pen movin JCF108!

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jcf108 says:

Thank you so much for your kind words!! Keeps me encouraged!

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