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A Romantic Moment:

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 Strolling along the beach's sands,

ocean waves running through our heads,

the stars above like a magic wand,

time so still, our hearts beating slow.

Moonbeams bouncing off the lake's mirror,

candlelight dancing in your eyes so softly,

aromas and hunger fill all our senses,

the music taking us through other dimensions.

The air's chill rosy to your cheeks,

multicolored leaves falling all around,

wind flowing gently through your hair,

fireplace aglow, a trance state entered.

Hand upon hand your arm hairs tingle,

softness of a kiss, adrenaline now rising,

A long embrace, the room begins melting,

sweat flows freely, control all but lost.

Rays of the sun knifing through my eyes,

body weighted, mouth arid dry, peace of mind, in

tranquil wonder,

reaching to find no one, Emptiness entered.


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Ak rio says:

Very deep and thoughtful, excellent descriptions I can picture scenarios as I read this

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