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A Letter To Satan:

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The God of lies...

The God of cheating..

You're always trying to deceive me.

You fight to keep my soul under your control,

I'm a lamb of God he will free me.

You can't break me, I will stand my ground and fight,

With God on my side he will hold my hand, I will keep up the

the fight against you the phoney.

All the stunts that you pull, really gets on my nerve,

Your always trying to convince me its you who I should


You don't care nothing about me,

you get on my last nerve I despise you,

There's nothing you can do for me.

Your mad because you have no hold on me,

I'm not following the way you want me to be.

The lord has opened doors that you can't close, always

trying to make me do wrong when I'm doing right,

God stands tall you have no hold on my life.

Only God can mold me,

God says I'm saved and my bodys holy.

My soul belongs to him only.

Satan your stupid and simple, 

my body belongs to God for it is his temple.

I just wanna tell you how much I hate you,

I wanna tell you how much I don't like you,

I will never serve you.

 No weapon formed against me will succeed,

Isaiah 54:17, is what I believe.

You seek me out to destroy me,

trying to take me out,

you came close, but you wont win and this you know

I will always put my trust in God first.

I hate you,

I refuse to do what you ask me to do,

I only serve one god and it ain't you.

I will always rebuke you in the name of Jesus

he's the only one that can free me.



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2b2b2 says:

Magnificent Mantra....thanks for sharing!

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catmartan says:


tretre says:

Thank you 2b2b2!!! Thanks for taking the time out your busy day to read my poem. I'm glad you liked it. Always keep that pen movin 2b2b2!

tretre says:

Thank you CatMartan! Thanks for showing love. Always keep that pen movin!

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