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His Slip Of White:

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He watched me as I walked around the room

With such sad eyes as though there was an impending doom.

Over by the window, particles of dust danced in the waning light,

And drifted across the bed where he sat, in his slip of white.

I was amazed that at times his emotions could be so wild,

Yet, on other occasions, he is as gentle as a child.

These thoughts raced through my mind as I dropped to the floor,

And on my knees asked him to be mine for ever more.

I said "Darling, what's bothering you is plain to see."

"It's that you are falling in love with me."

With tears running down his cheeks- ah, what a sight,

He whispered, "Yes I am," as he sat in his slip of white.

He pulled me gently to him; I'll never forget the rest,

It was pleasure-esctasy; once over

I laid my head upon his chest.

That happening is etched in my memory

whatever may be wrong or right,

I shall never forget- never-my love, in his slip of white.

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