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A Failed Artist

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Tears flow to my eyes,

As I sit a contemplate on what they hell just happened a few seconds ago,

For almost an half hour laying down thinking,

And typing on my phone,

A poem that was so dope,

It blew me away!,

Finishing a submitting it on,

My page turns back to sign in,


I hit the back button,

Luckily it's still there,

I tried to copy it,

Hitting the wrong button I end up pasting my first draft,

Everything is gone,

All the words that I thought of,

All the prolonged thoughts that made me type that poem,

It's gone,

Angry with myself because I should've saved it first,

But hurt because I can't remember any of the words that came from my heart,

So as I sit here writing this with tears in my eyes,

How in the hell am I going to write this overrrrr!



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scash102 says:

Omgoodness! I definately feel you and i had that happen.then by the time i remember, i have to modify what i don't remember.

Wize Dom says:

I've had that happen too but what comes next is always da bomb, it will all come back in some kind of way.

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BangEpiphany says:

@scash102 @wizedom Word! But luckily I got it back, it took me half the day to remember it but this time I saved it this time then posted it.I've never been so upset about losing a poem before lol.

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