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A Star Called Profit

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Desirous  gazes   hold  sway
Space  filling  horizons  overlooked
As  want  remains  locked  on  prizes  of
Far  off   mountainous  peaks  perched
Searched  for  shine  as  emotions  are  stroked

Distances  appear  to  be  close  but  really  afar
As  efforts  to  understand  projections’  enticement
Foretelling   riches  unfurled  in  tomorrow’s  world
Fattening  eyes  in  why’s  and  “be”  causes  for  action
Caught  in  fatal  attraction  of  unwise  attachments

Allure  is   but   a  shortsighted  mirage  in  false  promise
As  your  ability  for  clarity  is   temporarily shrouded
Cloudy  is  reality  when  heads  turn outwardly  searching,
Skies  for  schemes  on  black  holed  maniacal  priorities

Empty  overhead  from  overused  daylight  savings
As  generations  run  on  force  but  lack  true  “star” power
Foretold  from  eons  ago  on  how  light  can  save  but  also  deceive
All  depending  on  glow  and   whether  in  or  outside  you  read
Materially  stars   bring  heat,  but  the  true  star  called  profit
Shines  most  brightly  when  appearing  as  a lamp  at  your  feet



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G.Moore says:

That's peace

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poems by this commentor


2b2b2 says:

Thanks G.Moore

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