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A Soldiers Reflection:

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Gun shells hit the ground as I fight my way through the field of bodies, with the echo's of my sargents voice that permeates in my ears. "Stay calm solider, we still have to fight. Be brave, for the enemy is ahead to your right". The sound of  my fellow soliders barking orders at one another and bravely standing their ground,made me question what was I doing here,right here and now.The sounds of bullets shooting right past me I could hear, yet it was nothing compared to the feeling of fear.One solider drops dead right next to me, his eyes open but their was no life in him I could see, I kneeled down frozen thinking this could be  me. I took an oath saying I would be a true patriot, but I wondered if I changed my mind now would I pay for it. I was ment to be strong, brave, a fighter and not afraid, but would it be worth it if I don't live though this  day. So here I continue to stand strong and proud a simple reflection of thoughts that I never speak out loud, I continue to stand tall,spending yet another day, fighting with my brothers amongst them all.  I can't help to wonder what I would have done if I had chosen not to carry a gun, 
how would my life turn out in the long run. 

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hymnagen says:

I have not served in the military but I imagine reevaluating one's decisions that put one in the line of fire can neither be a rare nor unique experience. Your piece definitely makes me wonder what I would do if wearings those boots!

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latin_lover says:

This sounds like brotherhood. Excellent write.

Wize Dom says:

Deep stuff!!!

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2b2b2 says:

Tight multi level capture.....Bravo...thanks for sharing!!

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