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Love First and Love Lasts

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Sweetest  sweet  concubine of  mine
Sipping  on  this  wine  we  refine  time
Resigning  to  potion  of  this   rocking  motion
Exchanging  glimpses  of  rain  falling  on  oceans
Heated   by  the  wonder  of  who  will  outlast  last
Not  ready  to  stop  eating,  continuing  to  move  fast
Blasting  into  the  convenience  in  storing,  a-more-ay
Leaving  the  moment  this  picture  becomes  boring

Showing  hands  of  love,  but  never  holding
Folding  tables  and  collapsible  beds  for  shoring
Exchanging  moods  of  horniness  provoking  poking
Shouts  and  Call  backs  for  A’cappella   renditioning
Leg,  thigh,  leg,  or  face  to  toe,  toe  to  face  positioning
Taking  in  and  subcumbing  to  a  steady  auditioning
Love  lasts  for  as  long  as  we  are   blind  to  varieties

Graphics  seen  inbetween  third  eye’s  screening
Making  sure  nothing  comes  between  a  good  ole’ gaming
Treasure  is  lost  and  found  in  re-enacting   lost  pleasuring
Measuring  the  sizes  and  fluidity  by  sexual  activities
Never  be-fittingly  belonging  to  a  true  mating, in  linking
To  busy  quick  fixing  up  temporary  co-habitation  fostering

We  chase  and  trail  but  can  never  be  caught,  until
Days  are  fraught  in  broken  sails  or  abilities  to  pull
Carrying  dead  weight  in  tow  of   too  many  episodes
Leaving  us  old  and   unable  to  trust,  the  gist  of   “us”
Old  and  Play’d  like  games  once  sold,  and  used 
Parts  now  missing,  heart’s  reacting  now  ain’t  skipping
Beating  on  old   flames   but  burned  by  present  conditioning
Blues  in   drumbeats  from  heart’s  failed  grades….incomplete

Thinking  all  it  do  was  to  add  the  taking  of  much  love
Forgetting  the  be-attitudes  of  much  given….is  a  requiring
Sang  from  trumpets  in  harmonicas,  crying  and  questioning
Realized  to  late  that  the  best  love  is  a  love  actuality
Left  out  of  date,  all  expiring ,  sour  from  a  wilted  flower

The  playa’s  creed,  done  left  me  lonesome
The  playa’s  creed,  done  increased  my  enemies
Game  respects  game,  is  what  I  use  to  spit
Now  I’m  play’d  out,  and  left  without  happy  endings
So  all   I  can  do  is  to  keep  on  pretending,  
no  debt ,  In  this  playa’s  ode



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catmartan says:


2b2b2 says:

Thank you for reading

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hymnagen says:

Visions of the old dude in the club hollering at sistaz his son could date are parading through my mind behind this piece. You did your thing, bro. Bravo!

2b2b2 says:

Ha ha, exactly seen 'em and hope not 2b one....lol....Thanks hymnagen......ONE

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mlowe5 says:

And so it is when we come to realize that love is not a body thing, but is the embodiment of its self. This poem took me back to Ecc 12:1-8. The poem was deep and well penned.

2b2b2 says:

So true mlowe5....thanks....ONE

mlowe5 says:


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