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My blood’s and admixture: both Bajan and Trini,

but my behavior belies any Caribbean in me.

I am Golden Age Hip-Hop, yet I’m ‘70s Soul.

I am so many things vying for full control

of my identity that I am in crisis…

Praying the day that this body becomes lifeless,

liberating me from the bonds of this flesh

and confines of this Earth that the only thing left

will be my written truths. No more. No less.



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catmartan says:

Tight Write HymnAgen ! Thanks for the share !

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underhiswings7 says:

I feel the same way you feel, bruh. Sometimes it even seems as if our writings has more truth to them then the actual lives we live. If only we could be prophetic beings of our penmanship.

2b2b2 says:

Heavy Senitment bruh, I can relate, but I must admit to being a lil selfish, I hope the most high keeps you here for awhile so I can tell you how much your work is appreciated...WRITE ON.....ONE..(as the saying goes give roses to the living...)

hymnagen says:

Underhiswings7 it is my goal to write with all the honesty I can muster. A compulsion to lie means I'm not emotionally ready to ink it - revisit it later. Ya know? I dig that you read my work with such a critical eye.

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hymnagen says:

2b I'm trying to stay here doing this as long as that Infinite Wisdom permits! You my brotha have just blessed me with a compliment of the highest order. Many thanks to you, sir

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Wize Dom says:

Right on, Write on, if your ink should ever dry brother I'll refill you with some of mines we all are standing in the same line to lay it all down I hope you have plenty of time.

hymnagen says:

Wize Dom, you humble me with these words. It's my hope that we ALL continue in this art and perhaps even change the world through it!

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hymnagen says:

catmartan you know I appreciate you, right? #Respect

latin_lover says:

Excellent write.

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