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Travels of the Fool

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How far have you been

Did you reach glory?

Was the path paved in gold

Or was it a rocky road to follow

Did you give up and get off

Believing hardship to be a wrong course

If you agree and did not proceed

Then it is not likely victory you will see

There is no prediction or pre-exsisting condition

In the Travels of the Fool

To the Fool backwards moves him forward

To the Fool a deep cliff is a clear path

To the Fool meeting enemies is a chance to win friends

To the Fool there is no ending to begin

To the Fool luck is infinite possibilities

Without any determined outcome

In the Travels of the Fool

Are you ashamed of playing the Fool

All because love didn’t love you

Maybe you are afraid to be labeled a Fool

From a childhood of ridicule,

Characterized by laughter and actions against you

Filling your heart with fear in actin’ like a Fool

Fear not because everybody plays the Fool….sometimes!

Rest assured there is a sense of purity

When stepping out most unassuredly

With the mind mesmerized by what others don’t see

Oftentimes what a fool might not fully see

Of outcomes and promises, yet to be

As wise men stare in amazement,

At the faith of the fool to walk right in

And return with only the scars of experience

A fool asks for the truth

So begins another journey

To Places of Vague Description

A Fool Knows Not Nor Cares

Living for the Freedom and Chance Learning

Adventures are many in any direction the wind blows

Scorned and shunned, he still smiles like a child

Happy to be just that in the eyes of the crowd

Have you lived long enough to identify the never-ending

Travels of the Fool, or could it be that this IS YOU?

Travels of the Fool

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Phenomenal Paris says:

I am a fan! Love your work

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tretre says:

I really like this poem, I had to read it twice..Once again beautiful work. Very deep and thought provoking. Again Beautiful work 2b2b2..Keep that pen movin!

mrmelody7 says:

Thought I was into my favorite book since a tot of six PROVERBS great work as always

2b2b2 says:

Aww....thanks kindly Phenomenal Paris....Namaste

2b2b2 says:

Thank you tretre, glad you dug this piece....ONE

2b2b2 says:

Thank you mrmelody7....PROVERBS is the truth....ONE

poncho65 says:

like your writing style, talented, imaginitive

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2b2b2 says:

Thanks much poncho65

sttulove says:

Now you have skills.. I'm loving you style..great job..I would love to hear this one in spoken word

sttulove says:

Now you have skills.. I'm loving you style..great job..I would love to hear this one in spoken word

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latin_lover says:

Wow, I dont know how I missed this one. Excellent write.

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