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finally a place/site where i can get some feedback yesssssss people actually take the time ti read your work

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so madonna  calls her son a and we get mad but we the word against out  own race all the time  my this my that we can't get mad if we are apart of the problem refusing to fix  what you're apart of  we get mad at Madonna? really? caght up in that mentality we fail to see how ***ed our situation  is 

our women settle settle for beingbad  es trying to be  facebook famous seeking validation through facebook comments and likes talking about  turning up in the club  would rather learn  how to twerk then learn how ot formulate a proper sentence 

yeah that's  thst mentality willing to be a product of  your enviroment relying ong gonvernment handouts never striving  for anything more then what you have throwing the word around liek the bloodshed i se on the news everyday 

and  madonna thowing   around  the word around the word is what  we choose  complain about  seeking  to kill Zimmerman failing to see the big pictutre haven't we been comitting the same senseless acts against oru black men am i the only one you gets this concept? or is it  tha ti'm the only one educated enough to get it 

have we fogotten all the people who fought for equality am i the only one who hasn't fallen victim to this mentality  that has held us hostage for so long













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