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finally a place/site where i can get some feedback yesssssss people actually take the time ti read your work

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what i got instead ( what i'm left with )

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your heart wasn't never mine you gave it to everything esle but me  instead of  yourheart you gave me  the left overs of your bad day iqas the enemy fihgting for your  time  while you were giving it  to someone else letting here into the confines of of  your hesrt 

i beg and beg and beg and  she talks  to you for  a couples hours and she gets  what i've been wanting for yesrs three ***ing years begging  and she gets in wihtin a few days all i ever wanted was something new  to see a different side i never new  but instead  you gave me this  hurt  and  anger 

resentment   and uncertainty coats our  relationship  to be honest i don't even think we can  call this  a relationship i'm her e you there   we haven't even seen each pther before  and yet here  i am  a good pathetically waist her time on a ain't man like you  hoplessly devoted  to somepne i have   never met 

all i wanted  wa s a friend  i did ask for any of htis  all the pain  the heartache  and  sleepless nights i didnt want to be  in love everything  you turned out to be  is  everything i never  wanted all this  

and now  im stuck all i wanted was  a friend  i neer expected to fall so hard did i mention i have never  seen you before   what  i got   instead  was  a undeniable love  for  somebody who obviously doesnt not love me back  your hear was  never mine this  thing was destine to fail and  the ***ed up thing is u plotted and schemed  unitl  you  got  exactly  what  you wanted and  im left im left with is  a big   gaping  hole   in my heart  that you were supposed to fill

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nduguman says:


latin_lover says:

Excellent write.

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jsmorris says:

thanks guys i appreciate fro the positive feedback

Myactionspeak says:

You captured a moment in this piece. Good write

jsmorris says:

thank you hon

Devonte7638 says:

Very nice

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jsmorris says:

thank you devon

underhiswings7 says:

Very nice penning!

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