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A Poets Burial

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Bury me a poet amongst 
The greats like Baraka Hurston
And Hughes remember me because
I refused to conform go
Along with the norm the
Status quo and just so
You know this is not...
Just what I do I've
Been around for a while
But still new to a few
Poetry is my life these
Words are my mistress and
This pen is my wife 
Bury me a poet amongst 
The kings like Eady Emanuel 
And Dunbar without poetry I
Would never had made it
This far never would have
Ever thought about reaching for
The stars never would have
Found my voice or been
Able to affirm or rejoice
And when buried dead and
Gone and someone tells my
Story sings my song tell
Them to make sure the
Whole world knows it that
I wasn't just laid to 
Rest I was buried a

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mrmelody7 says:

Liken lines 4 thru 6-these things separate the cream from the milk, know matter how some try to depress it the cream will always rise to the top

Ak rio says:

I too desire this great write

KingQadarDwon' says:

This is great!

hymnagen says:

Indeed, let us all leave behind resounding legacies through our words. Well said armonroe83!

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2b2b2 says:

OUTSTANDING....well said brah.....Namaste

amin901 says:

Nice work

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