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21 and Far from Dumb!!!

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Some say the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice I say the darker the flesh the faster they SHOOT don't cut me off You better handle the truth But in this world what can we do Never take responablility So they blame it on the youth The older generation is confused Cuz we was given the world to by you Ironic huh but they never ponder upon it Violence is getting worse The size of a hearse Keeps getting smaller Shawtys saying *** school Imma find a baller No father so the young s holla the street is my pop Get money disrespect me I'm gonna pop Doing right, never seems to go right So why bother But don't you fall vicitimto the system Don't be the image of their vision Of their twisted predicitions Nobody knows about the pain Inflicted on your soul How at so young you felt all alone Take that pain as movitation Be a demonstration Of being a positive figure You don't have be the guy behind the trigger Or the girl trynna trap a rich You can live your dreams Be what you wanna be Positive cuz negative In us is all they see Don't be another brother locked behind bars Be the brother whose a scholar To your family bring honor Though it takes everything Not fall apart They keep us out Ignite the spark To bring light in the dark Use your head to get ahead Don't listen to you can't Believe you can Formulate a plan Take control don't be afraid to be a man Though it ain't gonna be easy Its gonna be tough But give it time you'll be fine It takes hard work and motivation Plus a whole lot of patience You can't lack restraint You have to be in control Cuz once you snap its a wrap Nowadays you'll be on a body bag Its not fair But you handle it To your dreams committ Your future is unwritten But you holding the pen So you can't blame it on the world Cuz eventually your decisions Start to effect on how you living So be careful how you deal Cuz ain't no cut this ain't no set baby this is real Cuz those who wallow in misery Die miserably never getting sympathy Just an apathiec view on life Which explains why nothing went right Try your best to keep your faith Especially when it becomea the hardest Nothing is impossible The only chain is the one we lock on our brain And that's real Cuz you can do anything and be anyone But remember its your life So you gotta take a chance and strive To make you dreams to come alive

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2b2b2 says:

Great Share....thanks!!!

datkidmesh says:

Thank you!!

Ladypoet45 says:

Nice work datkidmesh. Welcome to the vibe. Keep writing.

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KingQadarDwon' says:

Awesome work.. Keep it up... Write on.. Message received, this will touch someone.. Thanks for sharing..

datkidmesh says:

Thank you!!

lyrics_POetry says:

Round of applause. Great poem.

underhiswings7 says:

Beautiful message indeed! Don't waste your #Talent, use it to buy back those souls who have sold themselves to the foolery of the system. We need more of this. Poetry helps #save lives.

datkidmesh says:

Thank you guys!!!

datkidmesh says:

Thank you guys!!!

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