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It's my job as a parent to keep my son protected

Cop man it's your job too! You chose to neglect it

You want me to believe that the system was made to help us

Then why does it constantly keep us dead or in hand cuffs?

But you want  my people to dance for you

Shoot across a ball 

Sing a song but not advance do you?

Do you see the problem with the rationalization it only neglect us 

But helps the ones made to serve and protect us 

All I see is excuses not efforts to change 

History is repeating its self seems like every day the same boys a different name 

A different mother , the same tears , the same out come 

No need to remind me !! No justice served here 

When can I be a witness to when it's served on the menu? 

I won't right? 

so let the madness continue ??

So I'm screaming black lives matter

All lives matter

The same street my granny marched on 

Got my brother's blood splattered

Do I matter? 

Does love matter? 

Want my baby to chase his dreams 

And not worry about the unjust

So again I ask when will justice be served off the menu

Should I just sit back and let the madness continue 

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xclusive says:

This is very inspirational. Nice write

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twistedbeauty says:

powerful piece.

latin_lover says:

This is a nice write.

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ElroyKen says:

They do matter. Thank you Sis. Love.

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