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Written in Stone

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Life  was  handed  out  on  this  rock

Beaming  in  purpose,  not  easily  seen

Amber  binds  me  and  allows  me  to dream

Yet  Onyx  grounds  and  separates  me  from  illusions

As  I’m  founded   by  Rose  Quartz  teaching  self  love

Citrine  glows  like  the  sun  above,   allowing  me  to  set  goals

As  my  purple  passions  are  exposed  in   Amethyst  transmutes

Jade  binds  my  acceptance  to  change,  like  peaceful  evergreen

Honing  my  life’s  agriculture  in  Turquoise-like  tranquility

Silvery-gray  Hematite  keeps  me  earthly,  preventing  out  of  body  flight

So  the  Black  Obsidian  snow  flakes  to  protect  negativity  in  my  wake

For  it   is  true  that  in  this  earth’s  Lapis  blue,   enigmas  are  unlocked

Fluorite  rains  down  lavender   hues  to  wash  away  dissention

Schemes  of   Jasper  forests  reign  down  supreme  balancing  attunement

Nights  highlighted  by  milky white  Moonstones  clear  obstacles  and  plights

As  I  gaze  through  hazel-brown  and  black  Tiger’s  eyes  to  conceive  flight

Internally  Sodalite  ignites  in  elimination  of  confusion  via  intuitive  strikes

Allowing  my Garnet  streams  of  love  to  invite  my  Carnelian  Queen….

Yes  in  fact  these  Gems  are  treasures,  as  further  proof   of  a  precious  life….On  this  here  big  rock!


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Wize Dom says:

Pure Essence!

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Ladypoet45 says:

SMH, wow! That was absolutely awesome. Your visualization of "this here big rock" is quite brilliant. Never have I heard or read of such an eloquent description. You nailed it!

KingQadarDwon' says:

Outstanding visualization and colorization... You never disappoint Mr. Mayor...

2b2b2 says:

Wize My Kindred....thank you kindly....ONE (winks)

2b2b2 says:

Ladypoet45 thanks much, I definitely overturned a few rocks to be able to give such a meager description (smile) ONE

2b2b2 says:

My Brother KingQadarDwon' tank you immensely....ONE

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mlowe5 says:

What a Gem of a Poem! A rainbow's rainbow of imagery in the colors of life. Well chiseled, my Friend. Thanks for sharing this stone, right on poem. Peace, Love and Unity.

2b2b2 says:

Thank you kindly mlowe5

amin901 says:

Nice work.

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