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A Poetry Song

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All I can seem to do is write these songs
Read all day creating brainstorms
I try to surpass the things of old
The habitual desires that wants to dwell in my soul

I wont lie my spirit is worn
But through my inspiration i find strength in a poem
Bt what will i write only God knows
Words just seems to flow from within my soul

Day after day i encounter problems and problems
But with the ejection of a stanza i escape the sorrow
Through a pen and a paper my soul begins to sing
And only words can express the joy that it brings

And only a poem can express the pain inside
As the sacrs upon my soul wants to free my mind
So i place a pen on the page and lay down some verbs
Then my soul sings louder than the beautiful birds

The lonely pain meets its demise
Speaking to the burden you carry inside
Our souls are eased by the inspiration of words
Listen to my soul and let this song be heard

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tali_sosweet says:

This is wonderful and I can relate, whenever I feel my world crashing down on me one of things that i will always have is my ability to create poetry

miyana says:

Good word....

Jay Beach says:

Couldn't agree more. People say poetry is a hobby but it's really a love we all share as well as an escape. We can be who we want between the lines. Great write.

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amin901 says:

thanx for the love

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asheena says:

Email so we can get to work!!!!

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