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A Diabolical Moment (Apropos The Lowering of the Rebel Flag)

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A moment

to catch a breath and sigh;

A moment

to pause and shout a cheer;

A moment

to just smile and cry;

A moment

to welcome the healing tear;

Yet, it remains a moment

that’s not without lingering fear.


While the symbolism of racist bigotry

may have disappeared;

So many of its ghostly practices

still remain adhered.

So, don’t forget that flag’s history;

but remember its legendary praxis.

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Charles2 says:

the polarization raised by this symbol is a telling sign. pride can easily be misplaced in the presence of evil

Charles2 says:

Considering who we have as President it is a fascinating bit of promise for the future.

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hymnagen says:

Diabolical, indeed. Hedging their bets this "gesture" will have the same placebo effect electing a biracial, non-descendant of slaves had. "Look what we've done for you." Yet, another empty act. Brilliant penning!

Charles2 says:

As the current "political cauldron" boils ...and the circus clowns parade, marks the beginning of the up and coming charade. i feel that Barack Obama did well as a "biracial". the devisive symbol was brought public, perhaps not yet behind closed doors. evil is what it is... chess moves?

mlowe5 says:

Indeed my Brothers. As they pulled down that flag, they continued to shoot down our loved ones. Thanks for the read and feedback. Peace and Love, mlowe5.

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