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...within the Jesus+effect

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    What will be the net positive effect of each of our lifetimes,

adding all our positive attributes, correctly applied

towards a real problem for another,

divided by the problems we may have caused by our pettiness  

...taking into account the sum of all the world's peoples attitudes? 

with calculated risks and errors...we may have missed

Will this become our judgement day, week, month... year? 

In an hours time will a world prayer be helpful,

 if thats what it would take to redeem the value of our collective souls?  

or is this an illusory displacement as with water and a straw

(calculate the real Jesus Effect, compensating for ego inflation)


where there is hope...

there is room for a brief pause, in reflection

even in the worst of times

the darkest hours may not yet have come

...but, we can dream

there are others who may value

what we do ...almost as we do life

in the tides of man

particles of sand

washed by the waves may come and go

still, the ocean remains a life all but its own

fed by the rivers and the rain

kissed by the sun

and shooting stardust falling from above

exploding softly through the night

as the waves reflecting all the love back to the stars

...move on, much as they have before

more than a handfull of sun years in revolution

around the galaxy above and beyond ours

extending its aura almost forever

to an earth born soul...

and who are we to argue what came first...

we, who have the power to create a song

about whoever it is we want to be, or...

who we think we are

when, in reality...

we are just like the morning dew

appearing for a brief moment

condensation from the mist

 ...of days before...

choosing between

coming together out of necessity

when threatened by insurmountable odds

basking together in our smiles

or suffering in our transgressions against one another

never giving a moment to reconcile

for forgiveness to grow into understanding

holding grudges beyond sanity,

celebrating man's inhumanity, against man

...will we never understand

why Jesus came...

giving a touch of love

a time and space

somewhere in our hearts and minds

a place we may only find

when we do the math

and realize

there is an answer

but the only way

to find it


to take hold of one anothers minds

and walk together for awhile

skipping a stone across the universe

laughing in the rain...

just having fun

to realize, before all this talk of

who is or is not right

we were once all free

to decide

how to live

the way we want ourselves to be

without making excuses

and casting the shadows of the blame

for our own misfortunes

on one another...

So here we are, again

casting rainbows into the sky

looking beyond our time

for the answers of this day.

following the footsteps in the sand

only show us from where we came

where we are going...

depends upon

what's most important to our well being

those of us...

sane enough, to realize

what we can do with what remains


that's gravity...

our natural magnetism

attracts and repells us from others

of opposite polarity

isn't it remarkable that

good and evil, seem to work that way

so lets put our petty jealousies aside

get on our horses and ride

or just walk and talk...

taking our time to get to know

who it is that we are...

as neighbor




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