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"A Murder Of Crows"

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It was a sizzlin summer day in 1712...and us crows were in the cornfield doing the massa's biddin. Neverless, we took pride in our blackness/"We Jazz June"/ and preened our feathers until we looked liked obsidian rocks when the sun shone upon us. Yes, we remembered our regal past in Africa, and treated every crow like a Sister or a Brother...a son or a daughter...

Then one day a dove came and lighted in our midst. That was the day that everything changed/The dove said very little, but, he conspired in secret places, and separated the lighter crows from the darker ones...the older crows from the younger crows. The crows didn't even notice the dove's trickery, but, idolized him, and beheld the dove's whiteness as if it were the most beautiful thing they had ever seen...Forgetting their own "32" varieties/"We die soon"....

Many months later, the crows were in the cornfields slavin, when I, a Blackbird just lke them came and showed off my same, yet, different plumage. The other Blackbirds turned up their noses at me in disdain/They then thrust me out of their presence. As I studied them from afar - I noticed that every specie of Blackbird was represented there...from Magpie to Raven/This made me ponder at great length why I was rejected..And, then I knew!/ I was a Grackle/and my feathers are iridescent ...reflecting the myriad shades of our color..."You're mine, the milk and cream of it/the tan and yellow tan of it...the olive and ochre of it"....

The whole spectrum of Brown - ness...

...All In One Race...

"A Murder Of Crows"




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mrmelody7 says:

Great write reminds me of the letters from Willie Lynch, those who have not read will be amazed at his prophetic truths, a must read for young African Americans

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