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"A Few More Burdens To Bear"

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There's tribulation, but also Triumph, one day no more despair

If we just can reach tomorrow...A Few More Burdens To Bear

I see chaos and people languishing, no unity amongst the races

Society's countenance has been dimmed; the lack of hope etched on their faces

I met a child, who said "Don't worry, I'm not sad because I'm poor...

"My father's in prison, my brother's a dealer...my mother is just a whore"

Deceit and Avarice, ignoble actions, Equal Justice For All...Denied!

Where can I go to find some solace?...For, these problems are nationwide

Turn on the T.V. and see the violence, hard luck stories in all the papers

Crime's miasma has left us flummoxed....Rightwing Bombings and Baby Rapers

Children of the world are dying quickly, yes many elegies daily sung

Life has dealt them a mortal blow; Man, Why Did Tupac Die So Young?

In every ghetto a broken spirit, unstable families are ripped asunder

Will all these burdens bring forth an answer?/With many tears I often wonder

Still, beyond the scope of conflict, for better days a Light is shining

When Peace and Love will destroy The Beast...and this system of his designing

I wish this poem to induce a pathos, words so poignant they make you cry

But, let your core absorb the essence, or its truth will pass you by

These trying times seem insurmountable with all of the sorrows we have to share

Until the Highest Plane is Reached....A Few More Burdens To Bear

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Twistedink says:

Thank you

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mlowe5 says:

Indeed, we stand on the shoulders and walk in the footprints of burden bearers. May we provide the same for those who come after us that their's may be borne as steadfastly as we have been able to bear on! Thanks. Much Peace and Love, mlowe5

Poetiq1der says:

Peace and God's Blessings to you and yours....Thank You Brother...

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