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"I've Written"

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I’ve Written verse on strife and struggle, the young one’s angst that’s locked inside


I’ve Written words of parents weeping, which stems from teenage suicide

I’ve Written things on The New World Order/how selfish greed has taken toll

I’ve Written poems that make me hated, yet Thoughts Of Peace Shall Make Us Whole

I’ve Written songs of Y’s and Xers/murdered kids outlined in chalk

High corruption- Masonic Presidents…If White House walls could talk

I’ve Written rhyme on a perverted father, who loved his daughter in a sordid way

She had a child who was her brother…Ten Different Shades Of Gray…

I’ve Written verses on Jews and Arabs/Racial Bonding – Democracy

I’ve Written it clearly their both related, but that Their Eyes Refuse To See

On the Beauty Of Brotherhood I’ve also written, with poignant words I did expound

I’ve Written a poem which posed a question….Where Then Can Love Be Found?

I’ve Written lines on stress and anguish; From Salted Tears All Eyes Will Sting

Still the next one had a blessing…But, The Birds No Less Will Sing

I’ve Written stanzas on 9/11, yet my couplet contained much more

Lost City Kids made up Ground Zero, and I named it Metaphor

I’ve Written pieces on crime with panic, how in every place you see its traces

I’ve Written of lands with few tomorrows…Where Children’s Ragdoll’s Hide Their Faces

I’ve Written memoirs of life in prison, the time I lost can’t be retrieved

I’ve Written that Faith In God Sustained me in Nevertheless, I Still Believed

I’ve Written sweet words of Joy and Goodness in hopes that evil will not remain

I’ve Written deep lyrics on every topic…So, That Others Can Feel My Pain…


“I’ve Written”  Poetiq1der


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latin_lover says:

Its an everyday struggle. Powerful write.

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Poetiq1der says:

Peace and God's Blessings to you and yours. Thank You for taking the time to read this composition....

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