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"The Road That Led To Nowhere"

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It was a “Worn Path” inside of a prison…

They called that path the walkway…


Five years and eight months I traversed that walkway/In the daytime and only by reason of sunlight did that walkway, which led to nowhere seem happier


There were many places that one could go on that walkway…

The RMU with its uncaring doctors and dismal ambience…


It also contained a morgue, for those who had died without family, without friends…and without dignity…


There was a big building further down, which was always alive with activity –

That was the most important building…

An Education could be found there…


But, most times that building was just like that walkway/a place that people went to but, its true significance was never fully realized


Another edifice known as The Main lie several feet ahead... Its central feature was the commissary/mostly for those who had to prove to others how much money they really didn’t have/Oh, before you got there though, you had to pass the State Shop/where new outfits of captivity were handed out


…But no matter which direction you decided to go in on that walkway, whether up or down/you always came to a cul de sac…a place that let you know that you could go no further


….Sometimes I saw a solitary C.O.


Was he as affected by being on that walkway as I was by staring down it?/Or had he somehow become obdurate and incapable of feeling?


Maybe in his lifetime he had never come across The Road Less Traveled…


So, that was his Green Mile to lead a sad, monotonous existence which never changed


 Even though that C.O. was probably in misery…he probably couldn’t bring himself to have empathy towards us/even though us prisoners trod the same, lonely walkway as he


…One morning, while I went down that walkway, I encountered a fork on the left – hand side


…It had always been there…


But, I never had the chance to walk towards that revelation – until now


…As the front gate was opened for me, I decided to look back…and, then I started to cry


Because that same walkway, which I had been up and down on thousands of times/that very walkway which had the cul de sac on either end…


That was the same walkway, which led not to nowhere…But, To Freedom


“The Road Which Led To Nowhere”



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Cjsmom770 says:

Wow. So moving. Ive not been in this situation, but this piece will move anyone who knows the feeling of freedom after feeling trapped for so long. Nice work!

Poetiq1der says:

Peace and God's Blessings to you and yours...Thank you so much Sister for the love...

nosajm@gmail.com says:

Real talk!

Poetiq1der says:

Peace and God's Blessings to you and yours...Thank You Brother nosajm@gmail.com for the love....

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