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"When True Love Is Not Constrained"

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It's an enigma that has great meaning, by average men can't be explained

How our existence grows much richer....When True Love Is Not Constrained

A Man and Woman, who once were marrried, theyv'e been divorced, it's no surprise

No Sacrifice, Respect, or Unity, so Passion's Flame has left their eyes

Intimate times have been forsaken, Tender Kisses, Whispers Sweet

Not even a vestige of the Friendship which once made their lives complete

They can't be honest with each other; late night Trysts and Secrets kept

She took a lover to please her sexually, for her husband was inept

He was Ashamed, Alone, and Impotent, yet, all these things were not conveyed

His wife felt she'd lost her beauty...for countless moons this scene replayed

Without Deep Care and Understanding, nothing good can be retained

Search your hearts, you'll find the answers...When True Love Is Not Constrained

Happy family turned dysfunctional, what went wrong?/can't see the cause

Since they all were in denial, and couldn't confess their many flaws

A Son on drugs, The Mom's Depressive, Drunken Dad cannot be found

Neglected Prayers, No Nighttime Dinners, and satan's laughter does resound

Now, only one of them is left, both his parents have expired

"I'd give my life to bring them back" the solemn wish that he desired

Make amends while there's still time, even if you shed some tears

Please don't wait until the obsequy, do it "In The Living Years"

Your situation is never hopeless, yes, Life's Bliss can be obtained

Unloose The Bonds, and you'll have Freedom....When True Love Is Not Constrained


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Fonz52 says:

You went there my brother. Really like this one. Wise words.

Poetiq1der says:

Peace and God's Blessings to you and yours...Thank you so much for the love....I'm always grateful, so Thank you again.

nosajm@gmail.com says:

Dope flow!

Poetiq1der says:

Peace and God's Blessings to you and yours...Thank you Brother for the love....I'm always humbled...

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