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"A Poem For The Erudite"

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A poem for the erudite, it sure will be hot

Take the time out to listen, rubbish it's not

Straight from the life of a perpsicacious young man

Try and comprehend it...I sure hope you can

There's a lot I can tell you, but, i'll make it laconic

Words to astound/it works like a tonic

But, it all isn't good, I'm sure you'll agree

I robbed to support crack, went on a spree

Nonetheless, I must tell you about erstwhile things

About "Cause and Affect" and what it all brings

It started with punishment, and led to abuse

Stomped/punched/and kicked like a piece of refuse

That was at home, a total nightmare

Told my story to many, few seemed to care

Yet, at school it was different/ a much calmer affair

There were many happy times/but, in all they were rare

Still, to escape from my father, a partial reprieve

An escape so traumatic you can hardly conceive

Fascinated by study, entwined in my thought

Trying to achieve , knowledge I sought

Then came junior high school, another hill to climb

Still being abused...now etched deep in my mind

Then came the reefer...Then came the coke

Life became heavy/like being grasped with a choke

Playing hooky from school to hang on the "Deuce"

Leaving sadness behind/youth on the loose

Coming home at all hours, high on the drugs

Fending off admonishment/not verbally/with shrugs

Now, we come to the part of my Crack addiction

On a mission to "Scotty"/incarceration/great friction

On that mission enough years, retaining intelligent potential

Well, I couldn't lose everything, the mind is essential!

But, through all this, in prison, you can't know my chargrin

For nothing egregious/no unredeemable sin

Still, remember I told you about "Cause and Affect"?

Recalled in my poem, I helped you reflect

Being abused was profound, a real heartache

There were many times I thought my life i would take

But, instead I turned to crack/searching in vain

I know to crack you say/how gravely inane

Yet, there's a moral to this story/my life in review

I was abused and kicked crack...And, You Can Kick Too!


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