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I was several miles away...in a nondescript neighborhood of the city


Many people, who now donate money to a

certain fund because it's trendy/encountered me that day and did nothing

I was Hurt, Hungry, and Afraid

Yet, no one lifted a hand to help me/My clothes were worn, I needed some sleep/school wasn't even an option...

Too young to be caught up in such a turbulent sandstorm

But, the winds came and carried the uncaring multitudes right past me

My suffering was so complete, that the wind, which propelled others into stagnant motion gave me no comfort at all...

...For, people often do bad things to me....

I get Molested, Raped, Abused/and left to starve in basements...just like my brother “Faheem”

So, everything in and around me becomes callused - when innocence can no longer be seen in my eyes


What good is being a desert flower,when nobody knows of my beauty except for me?


How does this sprig, which only grows in a barren wasteland continue to be?


Because God smiles on the defenseless,and sends His Life Giving Water to resurrect this dying plant


Still, I often have to prostitute myself, just to survive in this wilderness I call my home


Amongst the other unwanted cacti


...Who am I?...


....A neglected child in the inner-city....


Forsaken, Lost, and never Loved


....Embalmed in a place where nobody knows my name....


...Ground Zero...

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