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"Where Even Angels Dare To Tread"

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Y2k a new millenium, so many suffering, so many dead

Oppressive Greed, Unrest, and Violence....Where Even Angels Dare To Tread

This nascent century for us means progress, but can we get beyond despair?

Biological Weapons, the threat is real; panic's ions are in the air

Abusive parents, afflicted youngsters, in every place you see its traces

No Love to speak of, the Hope is minimal...and Children's Rag dolls Hide Their Faces

Babylon's Whore sits on the waters, and government leaders succumb to crime

Baphomet, the demon's calling; don't be puzzled by words sublime

To make ends meet a common struggle, how do we find our Daily Bread?

Darkened skies and Inner - Cities...Where Even Angel Dare To Tread

Civil Rights, we thought we'd made it, but far removed from truly blessed

"Luke Warm" acceptance means still racist; their hateful ways just more suppressed

Overseas I hear the sadness, the tragic din of infants crying

A lack of food, disease, and tyrants; we say there's peace, but someone's lying

Prophetic Beast with "Signs and Wonder" on his body the heads are Seven

From foreign lands destruction cometh, the final conflict Armageddon

Can't trust the breasts that bring you comfort, for God's Word you'll be betrayed

And, so called Christians will turn to satan, their master's mark will be displayed

Corruption reigns, and bloodshed rampant, it might appear that we're forsaken

But, The "Bride" will meet "The Bridegroom" once the AntiChrist is taken

Perilous times in our existence, yes every year it seems to spread

A place of chaos and dimmer futures...Where Even Angels Dare To Tread

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2b2b2 says:

Well Crafted Write....speaking to the times at hand (probably will not be the last)....Build and Destroy seems to be the record throughout time....thanks for sharing....ONE

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Poetiq1der says:

Peace and God's Blessings to you and yours...Thank You so much Brother for the love....Please forgive my tardy response, I was in the hospital for a few days....Again Brother I Thank You

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