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Alliterative Blaze....

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Mundane metaphors missing maturation making misinformed morons

Menacing marauders mugging mothers mourning murdered men

Hood henchmen harassing homies heroically hustling hopeful horizons

Dilapidated dwellings doom desperate denizens – diminishing daylight …

Daunting dilemmas doing devastating damage…


…Blameless Brutality beleaguering Brothers by breaking bruised backbones…

Suffering saddens souls seeking Salvation’s salve – sending shouts soaring skyward

Corrupt conferences convene, confirming conspiracies’ “crazy” conjecture

Fatal felonies find floundering families formulating funerals

Saving society seems senseless since sharing sounds shocking…

Challenged Children conceding confidence crying continuously


Putrid politicians polluting Presidential Power –pursuing personal platforms

Myopic minions milking millions making multitudes miserable

Education endlessly eroding - erasing elevation…

Terrible tyrants terrorizing teens trying to thrive

These treacherous times taking tremendous tolls…


Ebola ebbs – easing everyone’s erratic emotions…

Overwhelming obstacles overshadows our omnipotence…

As aggressive actions accelerate Apocalyptic awareness also amplifies

Internet infected idiots intellectually imploding….

Tenaciously taking transcendental thoughts to the troposphere


Passionate Poetry promotes philanthropy past pride…

…Within the glow of my Muse’s Embers…


                                                               ….This is where I reside….

Alliterative Blaze by Poetiq1der

























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Imsenstiveaboutmyshit says:

Word play dope with great connections

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Poetiq1der says:

Peace and God's Blessings to you and yours....Thank you so much for the love....Single, collaboration song, EP, and video soon to come...

mlowe5 says:

Wow! Wham! What a blessed alliterated message Brother! Blaze on! You are indeed a Master Craftsman at alliterations. What a beautiful and masterful expression of the primed pregnant poetic mind! Thanks for the inspirational share. Much Peace and Love, mlowe5

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Ladypoet45 says:

Great flow poetiq1der. Great work.

Poetiq1der says:

Peace and God's Blessings to you and yours....Thank You mlowe5 and Thank You Ladypoet45 for the Love...I'm always humbled and grateful.....

mlowe5 says:

Write On Dear Brother!

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