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"The Poet''s Voice That's Deep Inside"

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...Throwaway kid who had no future, the void this made is where I cried

How would I cross the The River Acheron?....The Poet's Voice That's Deep Inside

In the maze I called my childhood, abuse is all I found

The place where pain was just like morphine, and joy of life was always drowned

All I did was be a youngster, yet I was beaten beyond repair

A tortured being, but Black and Gifted, so the onus I had to bear

A thundercloud forever dogged me, though from the storm I daily fled

To backstreets filled with Midnight's Children; yes, angel's wrote our names in red

Tasting the fruit that was forbidden, exposed to things too young to learn

And, just like Icarus who wanted freedom, the wings I made would often burn

Then came prison, the years of loneliness...a man of sorrows/from life estranged

Beyond redemption, they called me miscreant, "It's out of our hands, he can't be changed

Salvation appeared in "86", that's when I read a young man's verse

Nothing compelling or even poignant, in fact his words were terse

Yet, this was exactly what I needed to put out the destructive fuse

Back from the dead, a New Creation; God awakened my inner Muse

The victor's space I now inhabit, eschewing all crime and caper

Slaying the demons, killing them softly, as I transcribe my soul to paper

It's still quite hard to keep my focus, in this world I feel depressed

That's when the stanzas are most visceral; for, writing " Soothes The Savage Breast"

Eonian struggle to find true meaning, so in this shell I must reside

When I emerge  then rhyme will follow...The Poet's Voice That's Deep Inside...


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Cjsmom770 says:

Beyond redemption they call me miscreant....that whole line was a beast. Keep slaying those demons with your dope writing! Have a great day.

Poetiq1der says:

Peace and God's Blessings to you and yours...Thank you Sister for the appreciation....I have admiration for your vision as an Artist/Writer....Respect

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blakmista says:

So very true my brother....Love your honesty. God is Bless 'n You..... Peace

Poetiq1der says:

Peace and God's Blessings to you and yours...@blakmista/Thank You my Brother and Friend for the love....I truly appreciate it...1 Love

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