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"New York City...MidTown"

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No Mickey, Minnie, or Goofy – no Jimmy the Cricket

The Spirit of Sodom is Gomorrah…what I see is plain “Wicked”

Neon lit buildings and business bright nights…

A terse description of 8th Ave…I see something’s not right

Jailbait pimps fishing for girlish age bodies

Port Of Authority freaks craving school boy young hotties

A bunco, a scam – the cards of “Monte” are three

White kids from Jersey seeking fake/fresh Ids

Cabbies waiting for fares/get their plates/it’s too late

Little courtesy or English, and overpriced rates

Electronic stores, you have restaurants, a myriad of stands that vend snacks

You can have a wad roll of money, yet still looked at if Black

The Homeless Are Human, it’s the truth not conjecture

It seems to keep them sans housing gives Midtown its texture

Fleabag hotels are a bargain/ I’ve heard there's four legged pests

You’ve paid your money, there’s danger, but you still can’t have guests

Mounted units, Blue grunts to keep the rich ones protected

The last toe tag said “No One”, why wasn’t that crime detected?

A vagrant says that he’s hungry to everyone that he greets

You can’t see the flame touch the Pyrex/ it’s the crack that he eats

On the trains I see animals; sometimes you’d think a new species

Most of those stations need cleaning….in my sight Human Feces

Poetiq visions, my heart troubled/ I had no choice but expound

It goes down daily in the Crab Apple/New York City…Midtown


"New York City...MidTown"








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