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Look back at how far I have come, I can laugh at the past Ive outgrown... Ive been broken for years, suffered in silence, drenched in invsible tears 2016 though, this is my year, first let me take a moment of silence for all of my fears Then have a toast for all of my peers, this is a time for cheers a celebration is near Theres no need to get stuck in last year Positivity moving fluently through my veins, metaphorically removing my chains Translucent movements, I have no problem letting you see what Im doing Your ominous intentions are useless, nothing can stop my improvements Renovating my entire vitality, inward and outwardly, nothing can overpower me I wont let this world devour me, no sense in me acting cowardly Im going surfing on this worlds balance beams, and I welcome anything thats challenging Simply because my limit has no ceiling beams, success in my own right is trickling from my pores to my aura’s outer rings Hoping my ambience impacts everyone surrounding me, since my progress will result in enemy casualties Im setting an example, no more of what it would be, I know what it should be, but Im reaching for what it could be And I have no concern about he, she, or they doubting me, 100% proof Ive rose from the ashes-here I am better look out for me

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Poetiq1der says:

Peace and God's Blessings to you and yours...Fabulous! As a of many years myself, I believe in the power of meter in power....because of course...meter in Poetry is everything. Your meter in this piece was awesome, and once again your message is....priceless.

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