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It was approximately 4 in the morning -

No different from any other day in a Third World Country...


I was walking that morning through Tiannamen Square...


When I caught sight of something that made me stop

on a dime


Within a plexiglass enclosure, on the main floor of the square/

there were many people seated


Most were neatly dressed and looked to have some sort

of purpose for being there...


Then there were the dissidents - tattered clothing -

unkempt hair - soiled faces - and worn shoes


These were the ones singled out

by the gestapo...


...simply because they were resting...


The gestapo were menacing


17 shots/tight black gloves/

and pepper spray


Each person who was sleeping....who looked

different from the Mainstream - was promptly set upon by the gestapo


They were surrounded by the gestapo, and the

aggressive aura which emanated from them


I couldn't hear the words that were exchanged


But, because I was viewing this encounter from

outside the box, and had witnessed it up close many times before...

...I knew that the gestapo's words weren't soothing or pleasant


Each innocent evildoer who didn't have the proper

papers for passage to somewhere was asked to leave the enclosure


Sickened by what I saw, I turned and began to

walk away...


And, immediately, these words blared from a public

address system: The Amtrak to Trenton is now boarding

at gate three


No...I wasn't in Tiannamen Square/I wasn't even

in a quote - unquote Third World Country


I was right at Penn Station/watching the police

carry out their acts of terrorism against the homeless


...Just like the terrorism that takes place overseas...


...So much for Democracy and the American Way...





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2b2b2 says:

Excellent Scribe.....well played....ONE

Poetiq1der says:

Peace and God's Blessings to you and yours....Thank you Brother...

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